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We stayed at keekorok Lodge in the Masai Mara. Very comfortable with pool and a raised walkway which runs outside the lodge perimeter into the Mara itself. They also have their own large pool, which a number of hippo use regularly to lounge around in during the day.

The Mara, combined with the Serengeti in Tanzania, is a huge area, with an awful lot of animals in it. It was impossible to capture the scale of the landscape, but suffice to say that one could look to all horizons without seeing any man made structures, and without seeing outside the park.


Ah - the pool.
Ostrich family. The male is on the right. The rest are his 'wives'...
Wildebeest. The migration was in town, so there were hundreds of thousands of these around.
The downside of the Mara - it is very popular and so there was the occasional traffic jam. Somewhere to the right there were some lion, sleeping in the bushes....
Balloon trips were available early morning. We took another game drive instead, and we probably saw more than the balloonists did.
Balloon and sunrise over the Mara
Big male lion, eying up a fish eagle.
Vervet monkey - common in the lodge.


Lots of wildebeest......
Lion using a tree as a scratching post.... The sun sets very quickly, and quite early - this was around 6.00pm, and getting dark.