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On our second day in the Mara, we took a trip to the Mara River - the scene of the migration crossing pictures on the television. The actual crossings are fairly infrequent and hard to predict, so we were not surprised not to actually witness this. However, there was significant evidence of the movements of the previous week, with numerous wildebeest floating in the river, and some seriously fat vultures and crocodile hanging about.

Day 8 we drove back to Nairobi for our flight to Zanzibar.


Vultures sitting on Wildebeest carcasses in the Mara river.
Major highlight of the safari was to get out of the safari bus, and walk the bank of the river on foot. Yes it was hot (and smelly!), but an amazing experience.
Our driver/guide - Ismail - also took opportunity to sit and watch for a while.
These were hippo, basking in the river..
..and pottering about.
Too much food for the scavengers to handle - these wildebeest were just left alone.
En route to Nairobi - the Rift Valley. Awesome views, visible from space.
Last stop in Kenya - the Rift Valley behind.