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Spices and Dolphins



Our last outings were to visit a spice farm (government owned...), and to look for dolphins.

We then had to go home........

This is the papaya tree - great leaf shapes.
We think these were 'Jack Fruit' (discovered/introduced by a guy called Jack.....). A weird food tasting of a cross between pineapple and banana. Very good, but it doesn't travel.
Young pineapple. Some of us thought they grew the other way!
Young farm worker shinning up a coconut palm - to collect fresh coconuts for us.
He then cut them open for us. He also made a basket, hat, necklaces, rings, ties etc from the leaves - see below......
Yum yum - coconut doesn't come any fresher than this.
Nice hat James - not so sure about the basket though. All made (in about 5 minutes) from the leaves of the coconut.
Nutmeg - again, this was a real surprise.
Market stall on the farm. The usual array of unidentifiable but wonderful fruit. We tried sweet limes here - wonderful limes without the tartness - but uncommon even on Zanzibar.
Dolphins ahoy!
... and that's James going after them. Unfortunately there were too many boats around, and the dolphins just swam away.
We also had a stop at the Jozani forest, complete with mangroves. When the tide is in, these roots are underwater, but are strong enough to support people walking on them.

Big buzz on the flight back to Nairobi - Kilimanjaro (19,500 ft) poking through the clouds.

I'll be back in two years......

And so to the last stage - the plane from Nairobi to Heathrow.

The end of an amazing journey - much more than a holiday. We will be operating on 'Africa time' for a while yet - everything 'pole pole' (slowly slowly)