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Zanzibar comprises two main islands in the Indian ocean, off the Tanzania coast. Indeed 'Tanzania' is made up from Tanganyika and Zanzibar. It is famous for its spices, and for being the centre of the African slave trade until the 20th Century when Britain finally got it abolished here. Being in the Indian Ocean, with a major coral reef on the east coast, the marine life is very varied and it has protected status.

There is a great mix of cultures. The island is 95% Muslim, and has a mixture of Moorish, African and European architecture. Currency is primarily US Dollars, althought Tanzanian Shillings are also usable in some places.

The old part of Zanzibar Town - Stone Town - is a World Heritage site, due to its history, and 'untouched' state (basically it needs work....).


Dorothy's new hair style.....
The view from the chalets - onto the beach.
The sea! - Warm and clean..... (Blackpool was never like this)
The pool, and bar to the left! - the sea was actually warmer.
Charlie - the hotel entertainments manager. 6 days a week, and 16 hours a day......
Artistic shot of Masai dancing - performed in the hotel.
On our trek to the reef, with the tide out. Mohammed from the local village just kind of turned up.
..and proceeded to show us how he catches fish (find fish, hit it with big stick = lunch)
Paddling amongst the sea urchins and starfish.
No colour modifications here - the sky and sea really were that shade of blue. Also, the beach really was that empty - other than James in the background, every one else here is a local, out harvesting seaweed while the tide is out.
Fish (ho hum)
We walked along the beach to the nearby village. Very basic - mud thatched huts, no electricity. The women were all out collecting seaweed. When the tide is in, the men all go out fishing.
The 'market' only had oranges that day - they pick them in the grove behind the village. Later on, they would have fish as well.