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Around five years ago I had an idea to go to Kilimanjaro. No special reason other than I was looking for a challenge, and at the time it was sufficiently remote from anything I'd done before to be a worthy target. I'm not sure if I believed it would happen, but Penny finally told me to 'get on with it', so off I went...

Yes it was a real trip of a lifetime and an ambition fulfilled. After the 'dry run' in Morocco last year, and some hard training for most of this year, it was a bit strange to be finally on the way to Tanzania in September. However, after arrival at Kilimanjaro international Airport (!) everything went very smoothly, and largely to plan.

To the big hill first, and afterwards to Tarangire Conservation Area for more walking, drives and photography.

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P.S. I used 'World Odyssey' in the UK to organise everything for me. I was a bit picky over what I wanted, but they were very flexible and happy to change things around for me.

. You can find them here (and tell them I sent you!!)