Tarangire - October 2003



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After Kilimanjaro, Tarangire Game Park was a brilliant place to unwind and get some breath back.

The Treetops Lodge, in the conservation area, is really great - with bush walks, night drives and game drives (oh yes and a bit of pool!).


Home - a personal chalet in a baobab tree. 200m from the nearest 'neighbour', they managed to supply power (6 hours a day) and running water. It was even hot, with notice.... A room with a view - open plan bedroon. Breakfast in the bush - Alfonce, my guide, and an empty game park.

Baobab tree - a local speciality (see chalet above!)

Tarangire River - still running at the end of the dry season. A variety of mammals are drawn here..
Zebra and baobab.. Zebra at the river. Maasai giraffe...
Olive baboon. Vervet monkey on the lookout for food. Vervet.
Elephant are a feature of Tarangire. They are here in large numbers (see herd below). They are also less tolerent of people here than in many other areas. This one was quite aggressive. Close up - thay all have very different faces and features. Another matriarch keeping a close watch on us.
Vultures at nest (I don't know, what do you want to do ???) Glossy ibis makes a nice silhouette. Pale chanting goshawk.
Superb starling - these guys were everywhere. Our only leopard sighting. Mind you it was one more than anyone else that day. Lion in tree - it's a hard life!.
My Maasai guide on the bushwalks - Deto. We found a lot of interesting tracks - aardvark, honey badger, etc but managed to avoid getting eaten. Small elephant family group sheltering from the sun under an acacia. Large herd in the marsh. There must have been 250+ elephant here.
There was a water hole at the lodge, but the elephant occasionaly prefer the swimming pool. Time to get out now... This guy wanted to join me for breakfast. He did manage to destroy one fence before the staff chased(!) him off. Last day - a visit to the snake park on the way back.
And crocodile (at the snake park of course). Views of Mount Meru from Arusha - another volcanic peak. Farewell Alfonce - and thanks.