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In October 2002 I joined a team from Travelbag Adventures on a trek to the High Atlas mountains, in Morocco. As well as aiming for the summit of Djebel Toubkal - the highest point in North Africa - we also planned to spend a couple of days clearing up rubbish from the base camp area. Over the years, thousands of tourists (mainly European) have used the area and have left literally tons of rubbish. This was mainly plastic bags, bottles and sardine tins, but also included a fair quantity of human waste, as the 'facilities' at 10,000 ft are somewhat limited...

There were two teams involved, working a couple of days apart, totalling around 30 people. As well as the clear up itself, we were also involved in a certain amount of local education. Having sanitised the area, responsibility for its maintenance now falls on the local Berber people, who are fortunately somewhat incentivised as a lot of their income comes from the tourists.

I've put a few photos here - mainly for the team; click for bigger views.

I'm working on getting some more / better pics up, to illustrate the rest of the trip...

In the meantime, if you're interested in what we achieved, or want to know more about the trek then get in touch -


ct1 - Some of the Team (group1) ct2 - ..and a few more  

ct3 - Approaching Neltner

ct4 - View back from the camp ct5 - Loads of rubbish!
ct6 - ..and the first pile. ct7 - A couple of signs ct8 - The blue team
ct9 - On top of the world! ct10 - Mohammed's nuts.... ct11 - Estelle feigning injury..:)
ct12 - ..and getting a free lift down. ct13 - That cat.