Diani Beach - Papillon Lagoon Reef


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Diani Coast



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From Voi lodge we travelled South East to Mombasa, across the famous railway line built by the British around 1900 - from Mombasa to Lake Victoria. From Mombasa its South down the coast to Diani beach; pure white coral sand and warm blue Indan Ocean waters.

To get to the coast South of Mombasa involves a trip on the Ferry - with a large quantity of pedestrians..
Entrance to the Papillon Lagoon Reef hotel.
The pool area, with the sea just through the trees.
Fabulous spiders here - not for the squeamish.

Camels on the beach, strictly for the tourists.

Tide out - ancient coral beds.
Tide in - local dhow afloat.
Having a tough time at the bar...
..while James burns off some excess energy with water-polo.
Penny - snorkel training in the pool.
Swahili lessons! After me - moja, mbili, tatu, nne, tano, sita ....
Dodgy evening entertainment - local band...
..and snake alert!
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