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We took a half day trip to Mombasa from the hotel, which was good value - especially as the 'half day' was around 8 hours.... After the 'famous tusks' we visited a Hindu temple, a brilliant woodcarvers cooperative, and the old town - market, streets and Fort Jesus as well.

Those aluminium tusks on Voi Avenue. Built for an expected visit from Queen Elizabeth in 1953, unfortunately she didn't turn up ....
A hindu temple - open for visitors.
With some quite disturbing freizes. This was trying to show what happens if you drink too much in life - I think you get your tongue pulled out, before you are fed to snakes in the after life. Something like that...
One of the prayer halls.

Spice market.

Fruit market.
Meat market. Tesco was never like this!
..and chicken market. They don't get any fresher!
Wood carvers co-operative. 3,000 people work here, and everything is sold through one shop, at fixed prices (wow!).
Each carver marks his number on his pieces and gets a high percentage of the selling price. If you want to buy woodwork, this is probably the best place to come.
Mombasa old town - remarkably similar to Stonetown Zanzibar.
Fort Jesus.
Local landmark...
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