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En route to Ngulia from Ziwani, we stopped off at the Mzima springs, the main source of natural water in the area where clean water emerges into crystal clear pools. The hippo here can be seen through the surface - very unusual as they have a tendency to fill their pools with poo!

Ngulia safari lodge is in Tsavo West national park set on top of the the Ndewe escarpment, looking over the Tsavo plains.

Below is a famous protected rhino reserve (the largest in the world) which we were due to visit. Unfortunately Sky TV were filming at the time so it was closed to everyone else...

Thanks a lot Rupert!

Down onto the plains of Tsavo. Giraffe in the foreground, and Chyulu hills behind.
Ostrich crossing.
Mzima springs - emerging from the ground and en route to Mombasa!
Hippo browsing in the pool.
Pen and me at Mzima.
The main pool at Mzima, with the underwater viewing room.
View from the underwater room - no hippo in sight, but there were a lot of fish.

Ngulia lodge entrance.

Dorothy with friend! The hyrax had the run of the lodge.
Lodge room balconies - not a bad view...
Elephant in the grounds.
Giraffe running on the tracks by the rhino sanctuary. Unfortunately we couldn't get in.
Leopard! Spotted a long way up the hillside on a kopje...
.. he then ran down in front of the bus..
..and strolled off down the road. Top viewing for all!
(Different) leopard at the lodge that night. They put out meat for him, and he hung around for a while.

Elephant at the waterhole at the lodge.

View from the dining room, down from the scarp and over the rhino sanctuary. Tsavo is a *big* park!

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