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Ngutuni - Tsavo East

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We flew out to Nairobi direct from Heathrow - the usual 8 hours overnight - so arrived pretty tired, but excited about the trip ahead. We then had to change onto a domestic flight into Mombasa before picking up our driver for the run to Ngutuni lodge.

We finally arrived there around 1pm, having taken off at midnight the night before....

Well here we are again - Heathrow and ready to go. Its already been a long day and we're ready to sleep !
That looks familiar - Kilimanjaro from 25,000 feet enroute to Mombasa.
Coca cola are still here I see. Everywhere you look.....
Standard tourist wood carving shop. We did buy one or two things, but perhaps should have waited until we got to Mombasa later, where they have a big co-operative.
The team with the bus. We were lucky to have it all to ourselves this time (well, plus Philip our driver!).
First views of Tsava East as we start our game drive into the Ngutini wildlife sanctuary.
Beware - elephant crossing!
Giraffe with ox-peckers on board.

The lodge at Ngutuni. Really, really good - probably the best lodge on our tour this year. It's relatively new and not too big. The rooms (above) overlook the waterhole as well.

The waterhole at night - around 100 water buffalo turned up and made a lot of noise!
Breakfast next day - again, views of the waterhole.
..and the warthogs joined us.
On game drive, we spot jackals milling around.
It turns out they are winding up a lion with it's impala snack, hoping for a share (well spotted James!). This was a male without a mane (well not much of one) - typical in Tsavo.
Another safari bus eventually found us. Spot the soil colour - it really was that red.
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