Ol Tukai Lodge - Amboseli


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Ol Tukai - Amboseli

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Amboseli was somewhat different to Tsavo, and we quickly had to get used to very dry plains and a lot of dust. Tsavo was dusty but this was ridiculous!

However, it was nice to actually stay in one place for two nights - an opportunity to unpack a bit. Plus they have a pool..

Chyulu hills lava flows - only around 500 years old. A very stark and barren landscape.
Amboseli - Wildebeest kicking up dust.
Zebra and dustdevils.
Ol Tukai lodge. Nice
The pool was very welcome.
We visited a local Masai village. James was a bit too tall!
Mud hut terrace.
Village characters - great outfits.

And we met the schoolchildren.

Making fire from two sticks. Never got the hang of this as a cub scout!
The boys meet the local ladies.
Wildebeest and giraffe
Elephant sparring. Amboseli is famous for its elephant herds.
Keep clear!
Zebra calf feeding.
Pair of cheetah...

.. and on the run.

Last shot at Amboseli. Next stop Voi lodge.
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