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Our other trip from the hotel was a day outing on a dhow (called Pilli Pipa)for snorkelling and dolphin spotting. Another great day out - catch it if you can.

Then home....

Our sister 'ship' by the islands.
All aboard! (nice footwear James)
Very attractive.
Just to prove we saw dolphins.

Locals using arm power - we had a motor (cheats!).

The coast at the lunch stop.
Lunch was terrific - selection of very fresh sea food, carried high by the ladies of the restaurant - who sang songs as well. There was alternatives for the non-fishy amongst us.
..I couldn't eat another morsel...
Dhows 'in harbour' at Shimoni.
Locals fishing on the pier.
We stopped in Shimoni village on the way back to visit the slave cave (Shimoni means place of the cave) - where slaves were held before transportation to Zanzibar to be sold in the market (see our previous trip in 2001).
Inside the cave - spooky stuff, complete with bats!
And finally leaving the Lagoon Reef hotel.
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