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Next stop was the tented camp at Ziwani, which is set in a really peaceful area with its own lake - near to on eof the Tsavo West gates. There are 25 tents (with 'proper rooves!) and they put on walks with armed guards and night drives - which added a nice bit of variety. The walks in particular were a bit of a hit with all.

Tea on the lawn, by the lake. However, beware crocodiles, so no swimming...
Pen and Dorothy having a hard time of it.
The lake at Ziwani.
James by the main outlet. The lake is 'artificial' in that it is formed by a dam in the river.
Basking croc.
Vervet monkey - these guys were everywhere.
Vervet stealing a drink in the fishpond.
African fish eagle on the wing. A relatively common sight.

Off on one of our game walks.

Small elephant footprint - and Dorothy's for scale (Elephant on the left !)
Hippo in their pool - early morning.
Maribou storks - not pretty, but they do have a job to do!
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